The political system is a set of legal institutes that we often call as government. The governments or political systems make all the legal and constitutional regulations. In simple words, the political system is a simplified view of many complicated things; though it includes more systems, the political system is the one with authority over governments.

Government works on the political system’s influence, and it tells people and the economy what tasks it has to perform and according to what rules.

Some characteristics of the political system:

  • It is the permanent system and has a broad aspect than the others.
  • The political system has a different set of rules which separate it from the government.
  • It has specific structures for all the problems, objectives, goals, and many more.
  • By developing more designs, it leads the system to more different aspects.

Types of political systems

According to sociology, the political system is making sure of who holds power over the government and its people. The political system also holds power on knowing and making the government like the way it wants.

There are three types of it according to sociology; here are the details for the classes:

Authoritarian: In this type of politics, there is no power in people’s hands to represent. They have to obey their formal authority blindly. The leaders handle all the aspects of economics, foreign relations, and the military. Authoritarianism can also be said to be the same as Dictatorship because, in Dictatorship, one needs to do as ordered by the officials.

  1. Monarchy:

A king or queen controls this type of government, and they are selected in the way hereditary, or we can say as a predetermined line of hierarchy. In this modern era, there are two types of monarchies, Absolute monarchy, and Constitutional monarchy. 

An absolute monarchy works in the way of Dictatorship, the officials have all the authority, and the people have to perform what they are asked to do. 

A constitutional monarchy is when the royal family has limited powers and works while syncing with the party chosen through election by officials. 

2. Democracy:

Everyone is probably known to the facts related to democracy. A democracy is when the democratic representative is chosen through fair voting. The state citizens have a set of rights they can use against anyone if their goodwill or they face any injury to themselves.

The idea of democracy comes from ancient Greece. One gets the absolute right in the laws if they are feeling suppressed by any of the rules. In a democracy, everyone gets the right to speak freely, and they can also hire someone like a lawyer to do that for them.

At last, the political work in the defined set of rules of the country’s constitution. People also study politics to get a lot of analytical and practical skills, which can help them conduct research and get good with the concept of communication with others; they learn how they can keep their point on top without hurting the other person’s sentiments or ego.