The recent protest against white supremacy and police brutality peaked on June 6, as half a million people joined and protested in 550 places across the United States. On this single day, there were more than a month of protests. According to recent surveys, around 15 to 26 million people joined for demonstrations of anger towards the death of George Floyd and others in recent weeks. These figures tell us that this demonstration or protest is the biggest protest in the US’s history.

Most surveys conducted were online, and it is possible that some would be lying about participation. But even half of the number would have joined the protests; still, it takes around 7 million people. We cannot stress more that this protest is the biggest and most significant protest in the history of the US.

Why Protest is going on

This protest is essential as all we know the supremacy of white people over the Black people. Police are ruthless and unfair towards the Black community. These protests are chanting and demanding one thing, and that is BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Now, why is this movement different?

We cannot have a precise count, and it has risen some disputes as well; police and organizers of the protest have amalgamated so we can believe the number provided them. According to the United States, there have been more than 4700 protests in the country, on an average 140 per day the first protest was in Minneapolis on May 26. The geographical spread of demonstrations is significant as it will help to convey the message more deeply. These movements are different because they are backed by an organization around 2013 called Black Lives Matter.

This organization has been responsible for providing material, guidance, and a framework for activities. These protests are also different because they are being carried out since Trump took the administration due to the government’s decisions on guns, climate changes, immigration.

This protest is different as it has many purposes with one primary purpose and that white supremacy in the United States.

Who is protesting? 

More than 40 percent of the country has participated in the protest once. Unlike other Black Lives Matter protest this time, 95 percent of whites participated in the demonstrations. This means that now participants are diversified due to the enormous number; the message goes deep and wide for the administration.

Movements in the early 1960s and after that there were very few whites in the demonstrations, but now the case is opposite as 95 percent of whites are participating. Interviews and surveys tell us that half of the white protesting is the first time joined for any kind of demonstrations.

The movements have resulted great as the Minneapolis; the city council pledged to dismantle the police department.

This protest is vital and the biggest demonstration in the history of the United States of America. These protests have people from every race, as this protest is diversified, the message is sent deep and widely spread.

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