The latest NBA statement on Thursday has said that the playoff games scheduled on august 27 will likely be held in the upcoming time. The decision to delay is taken due to the corona pandemic. The NBA players are demanding more protection and changes in the social effects so that they can support the BLACK LIVES MATTER campaign. The officials are trying their best to secure the players’ health and safety on the basketball court.

To discuss the further strategy of the NBA league, a video conference between the vice president and a group of players representing the 13 teams has held in Orlando. The forum’s primary focus is to lead some social changes so that the NBA could also do something to minimize the racist difference between the back and whites. The decision of delay is not sudden several experts have predicted it before the delay has announced.

The news of delay can affect the league in terms of financial earning as various sponsors and advertisement companies seek a refund. However, it does not matter a lot as the NBA is one of the USA’s most-watched leagues. The league has introduced various news rules and regulations for the audience, such as thermal testing before entering the stadium, compulsory, mask, social distancing, etc. The steps are taken to protect people from the corona pandemic.

News of scheduled games after the announcement of the delay

After taking the decision of delay of playoffs, on Wednesday afternoon, the league officials have announced the schedule of three games that are played between Rockets versus Thunder, Bucks versus magic, and Los Angeles Laker’s verses Portland Trail Blazers. 

Due to the incident of shooting of black man “Jacob” several teams have demanded to end the league without continuing it further. The players and coaches met for several hours but resulted in no conclusion to discuss the topic. Most of the team members are against the continuing of the league as BLACK LIVES MATTER’s protest is now at its top.

Why are NBA players tending to boycott the league?

After the brutal incident of George Floyd and Jacob’s death, the players have announced the strike till justice is served. The US’s boycott movement is further joined by several national leagues such as the National hockey league, Major soccer league, National baseball league, etc.

According to several reports, the Florid bubble has first started the rest of the league’s boycott movement. However, the team got success in getting the sentiments of people and other NBA teams. Moving further, the restarting of the league is not likely to happen in upcoming days.

To support the movement, the NBA players are trying their best, and they also have introduced several slogans and quotes on the dress that they wear while playing in the stadium. Let’s see what happens next in the league after the delay of playoffs. Most of the survey has predicted that it is hard to restart the league as scheduled earlier.

The condition of the US is getting worse day by day in terms of the corona pandemic. Several states have seen record increment in the number of cases in recent days. The country contains 2.5 million coronavirus cases that are a quarter of all the cases around the world. The US has the highest number of patients with the lowest recovery rate, and the maximum number of testing compare to other countries.  

The condition of pandemic got worse in the march as people of the US are not much aware of the virus’s infectious nature. Several reports have also blamed the government for not taking the appropriate steps on time to control the virus in the starting phase. In May, the new coronavirus cases have to decline, and now several states are removing the various restrictions and allowing the public t to do multiple public activities.  

The US healthcare experts have predicted that the worse condition is still to come in the upcoming days. Nowadays, regularly 20.000 new coronavirus cases are being reported in various states of the US. The only hope people have to discover a vaccine that can completely nullify the effect of the virus in the human body. Moving further in the article, let’s discuss some reasons behind the boost coronavirus cases in the country. 

Pay attention to several reasons that are responsible for increment in coronavirus cases in the US. 


Recently in the US, several racism incidents take place that comes with a massive gathering of people around the various cities of the country. Due to the mass people gathering, the risk of coronavirus spread has increased. The Trump government has taken multiple steps to avoid mass gathering, such as the deployment of security guards, implementation of curfews, tear gas use, strong action against protestors, etc. However, all the efforts are not sufficient for the protest as the US’s black people want final justice for George Floyd and Jacob. 

More testing  

The main reason behind the increment of coronavirus cases in the US is increased testing. The president trump has also admired this fact in an interview where he answers the question that the journalist asked about the reason behind the sudden increase in coronavirus cases. Trump also said that if other countries start doing as much testing as the US is doing, the number of cases in other countries will also show a boost in new coronavirus cases. 

Age of population 

Generally, coronavirus is more prone to senior citizens and Children’s. The US has a high percentage of senior citizens as compared to other countries. This can be a reason behind the high number of infected cases.  

The strength of COVID-19 in the US is getting low, and the new number of cases is declining day by day. Several medical companies in the US have done successful trials of coronavirus vaccine, and it is likely to come in the market at the end of the year, let’s hope for best.

The presidential election in the US is scheduled on 3rd November. The result of the election is likely to declare on 14TH December that the US will get its 59th president on this day. The republican party has announced Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the president’s candidate and vice-president post. In comparison, the Joe Biden and Indo-Jamaican Senator Kamala Harris are the democratic candidates that will compete in the election. The selection of Kamala Harris is questioned by the republicans as the step to seek the votes of American Indians. 

According to today’s scenario, various election polls are giving results in favor of Joe Biden. Still, in the last election, we have seen the wrong prediction of election polls as the winning of Hillary Clinton. So, we cannot do blind trust in the surveys. Several events of the US election have postponed due to COVID-19. For example, on the march, the primary election is canceled in six states. 

If we look at all incidents in 2020 in the US, the winning possibility of president Trump is relatively low as he fails to deal with the pandemic. Now, various racist protests are being carried out all over the country, and he again fails to deal with that. But multiple reports have shown that the final result can shock the people and all the pre-prediction made in favor of Joe Biden. 

Effect of foreign interference on US elections 

The US officials and investigating agencies often blamed Russia and Iran to influence the US election against President Trump. They are making the allegation that the BLACK LIVE MATTER movement is getting direct funding and support from foreign countries. In 2019 FBI has detected the group of Chinese hackers trying to hack the e-mail and other essential information of US government officials and US journalists. The main aim of hackers is to disturb the political stability and manipulate the security-related information. 

Effect of Racist incidents on US election 

Recently, just before the presidential election ion US various racist incidents took place one by one, including George Floyd and Jackob by the police officers. Several reports have predicted that the incidents will show a significant effect against Donald Trump, and somehow, the opposition candidate will lead the election. The incidents have blown up the racist remarks in the US faced by the people since the colonial era. 

Effect of the pandemic on US election 

Pandemic has affected various international and national relations in the US. Most of the people think that the Trump administration has failed to control the spread of coronavirus. This perception is going to hit hard in the presidential election. 

Lastly, in the market of predictions, we can only wait for the final result. Still, this election in the US will change everything in the country, including several Laws, Policies, Economic structure, Racist justice, etc. Let’s wait for the resulting day.

US economy is going through the worse condition of the decade. The budget deficit climbed to 2.80 trillion in the last six months. This is the lowest foreign reserve in the history of the country. Treasury Department has predicted the deficit to be continued till September. The budget deficit is almost double as compared to last year’s trends. The economic department has reported the 65 billion deficits in July. However, the Trump administration is somehow managing all problems and predicting the bounce-back of the economy. 

The main reason behind the economic deficit is the effect of coronavirus pandemic on the various economic forums. In July, the deficit is lower as compared to June as the government has collected the maximum amount of tax to generate good revenue in the economy. According to some reports, the government has collected USD 565 billion in the last month. The Americans are trying their best to overcome from economic recession. 

Due to the pandemic, the US government has approved the various rescue packages worth approximately USD 3 trillion. But then also the opposition is demanding more relief packages. Last month President Trump passed the relief packages for unemployed people worth USD 400 billion. Due to the vast expenditure on relief packages, the economy is now suffering from an economic recession. The value of Dollars in the international market is going down day by day. 

Comment of President Trump on the US economy 

Last Saturday, during the press conference, the president addressed that the US’s economy is “amazingly” well and setting records in generating new jobs. He also adds that the unemployment rate is at the lowest as compared to the previous government. However, the economy experts are making a joke of the statement and addressing the president as dumb and foolish. 

The senior economic advisor of president Trump Kevin Hassett has stated in an interview that the country’s economy is coming back way faster than it is expected. He also addresses that the economy would be hit back if the second wave of the pandemic has arrived in the country. 

Position of Dollar in the international market 

On Thursday, the dollar was in defensive mode against most of the currencies. The Chinese currency yuan jumps high against the dollar. Several experts have predicted that in the coming years yuan may overtake the dollar in the international market and establish itself as the central foreign currency exchange. 

To tackle the problem, the government has approved the excessive flow of dollars in the international market to balance demand and supply. On the other side, the euro is also getting high growth as compared to USD. This is a real matter of concern. 

However, several economic experts have predicted that the US’s economy is evergreen and will contain its value back in the international market. To revive the economy, it is necessary to discover the vaccine of coronavirus in the upcoming months.

Hurricane Laura hits the small town of Louisiana, Cameron, and Texas at midnight on Thursday. According to some reports, the storm comes with high wind speed, shearing off roofs, and kills at least ten people. The hurricane comes under category four that is considered for most destructive natural disasters. After the storm now, weather experts are giving warning of the tornado. It would be worse for Louisiana people and offshore traders. 

The storm comes with 140-mph winds with heavy rain. A full assessment of damages reported that almost 800,000 homes and businesses had lost the electricity connection after the hurricane arrived. A large number of buildings and trees were demolished in the minutes. The storm is like a curse for the US people as already, they are fighting from the coronavirus pandemic. The government of the country has released various relief packages for the victims of the hurricane.  

John Bel Edwards, the official of Louisiana government, has said that we will fight vigorously and will reestablish the affected people as soon as possible. He also said that we had sustained a tremendous amount of damage. Moving further, let’s discuss all details about the damages and strength of the hurricane in detail.  

Damages from widespread wind

The storm comes with a high wind speed that leads to a surge of nine feet on the coastal area in Louisiana. The speed of Laura hurricane reaches to 160mph, that comes under the category of 5 strength. Ultimately the speed of wind leads to the demolishing of buildings and tress a considerable amount.  

You can see the various images and videos of the damages that will help get an idea about the real loss and damages that the hurricane has done. Coastal areas of lake Charles have experienced the worse effect of the storm. Surrounding communities of Louisiana is seeking for help from various disaster control agencies.  

Damages in Chemical-plant near lake Charles 

After the hurricane on Thursday morning, a fire broke into the chlorine production factory in Louisiana. The fire results in vast plumes of toxic smoke into the surroundings of Westlake. To tackle the problem, the local and state authorities immediately took action and issued shelter for the people to protect from toxic chlorine-containing smoke. 

The state police of Louisiana also arrived with a local hazardous control team to tackle the situation. The isotopes of iodine are shut down with the help of several troopers. It will help in nullifying the toxic effect of chlorine. 

The step was taken by a government official to tackle with Laura. 

The governor of Texas and Louisiana have called emergency in the states and requested the upper authorities for relief packages and grant federal emergency approval. Weather experts have also issued a warning for San Luis pass to be prepared for a worse situation. 

Now, the situation is quite good in Louisiana and Texas, and people struggle hard to come back into regular life. The Trump government is also helping the people in reestablishment.

On 23 August at 5:00 pm an African-American Jacob Blake is shot by the Wisconsin police. The whole incident is captured on video and got viral like a fire. After that, various viral states of the US are rocked with protesters, and at several places, they got violet and started to damage the public and private property. The Attorney-General of Wisconsin has identified the officer who shots multiple rounds at the back of Blake. 

In the media, the officer said that a woman calls the police officers on the address where her boyfriend is doing domestic violence on it. Firstly, the police officers try to arrest Jacob, but after he opens the car door, one officer fired several shots on Jacob Blake. In addition, he also told that no other officer has fired on the Jacob. 

The family of Blake has blamed that he is left paralyzed in the car. After leaking of all information, the presters have turned violent and started to burn the various vehicles and buildings. In addition, two people are also killed in the violence. Now the government of the US is giving assuring to the African-Americans that justice will be served. Moving further, let’s see all details about the incident in the article. 

How the family is responded to the incident?

An emotional statement from the family is given after two days after the incident. Blake’s father said the officer shot my son times like it does not matter that he is a human being. In addition, the lawyer of Jacob said that he needs immediate treatment after he was fired, but the officers have done nothing to it. The protesters are demanding the arrest of the shooter officer.  

Due to the incident, the movement BLACK LIFE MATTER has got more support and strength from the people of the US and all around the world. Blake’s sister said that the incident has happened not only to my brother but all of the black people in the US. She also said that I am not upset; instead, I am angry, and I don’t want any sympathy; instead of it, I want to change in the system and law. 

Action against protesters 

After the incident, thousands of people gather and rallied outside the police headquarters to demand justice and change in the system. Although after that, the protesters started to do violent activities such as the burning of cars, buildings, statues, robbery, the killing of white people, etc. 

To tackle this, Trump administration has imposed a curfew and gives the police power to use tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. On Tuesday night, a 17-year-old teenager got arrested by the police.  

According to the current situation, it seems that the protest will be worse in the upcoming days. We appeal to the protesters to do silent and peaceful protests as violence pays no solution to the problem.

Jacob Blake’s shooting has promoted many athletes to boycott the matches to support the fight for justice. White supremacy and police brutality have been US problems for a long time, but the good news is in present demonstrations everyone is participating. Mostly white people did not participate in these protests, but now every person is stepping up and is showing their support towards justice.

Blake’s shooting incident made the protest or demonstration even bigger for taking racial justice places across America. This incident ignited tension throughout5 the country as there was a widespread demonstration going on for George Floyd and in-middle this incident, raising tension and anger towards white supremacy and police brutality towards black people. So, to show there support, nearly every player boycotted the game.

What teams have boycotted the games?

Several NBA teams had boycotted their fixtures; it started with Milwaukee Bucks calling off the Game 5 for their play-off against Orlando Magic. Bucks were meant to come out from their locker room and arrive at the court at 4 pm. Still, they do not come on the court and condemn police’s actions for Blake issued statement saying, “When we take the court and represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we are expected to play at a high level, give maximum effort and hold each other accountable.” They simply could not because of the painful death of Jacob Blake by police officers.

Following this, MLS also called off their games to fight for the support of racial justice. MLS has also issued a series of statements saying that African Americans should get justice, and the officer responsible for this should be punished.

Players used their social media accounts to unite and aware of everyone for justice. Only one game was held on Wednesday, and that was between Orlando city and Nashville SC. Player’s said that they were not aware that other teams had to cancel the matches, and they respect the decisions made by other countries.         

Will the NBA and MLS seasons would be called-off?

Many reports said that many teams are demanding to cancel the whole NBA season on Wednesday night, but some players agreed to play the play-offs, but we don’t know when these play-offs would be held.

There will be further meetings to discuss how the league can address the issues related to social injustice and racism.

MLS stated that the postponed games would be rescheduled, but there is no idea when these games would be started.

What is the reason behind the protest happening in the United States?

The United States has an ugly history of racism and police brutality toward African-Americans. These protests started when an African-American, George Floyd, was killed by a police officer.

Initially, that police officer was not arrested; after protests, he was charged with second-degree murder. After that many incidents of killing, black people came up, so it was essential to send a deep and widespread message of justice

We know that our entertainment has been stopped, but police brutality and racism are much more significant issues. We all should support our players and leagues for taking this step, which may improve the justice system of America. 

President Trump accepted the Republican nomination for the second time. While acknowledging the nomination trump attacked the rival Joe Biden claiming many things, one of them is that the USA will crush the novel coronavirus by introducing vaccine this year. He claimed this gigantic statement in front of a vast crowd residing in the white house’s south lawn. 

Trump accepting the nomination

This is the second time President Donald Trump getting the second nomination from the Republic party. Trump received the nomination in the white house’s south lawn and stated that he is extremely honored and full of gratitude for their support. Trump discussed different topics; some of them are the importance of the election, vaccine, etc.    

President on Communal differences and South Lawn

Trump has been highly criticized for using the south lawn of White House as a political prop. President also claimed that the victory of Joe Biden would worsen the situation of the USA. Trump stated that this election would tell that if we are ready to demolish our country for socialist agendas. President also noted that this election, whether we protect our law-abiding Americans or give free passes to the violent residents.

Claiming Covid-19 Vaccine

Another claim made by Trump is that the USA will come up with vaccines this year and crush Covid-19. This is a big claim made by the president as coronavirus has been widespread all over the country. President also stated that they are offering life-save therapies for the patients.

Importance of this election

Trump deeply stressed on the point that this election is very important. He also claimed that if the presidency is given to rival Joe Biden, he will worsen. Many statements were issued by Donald trump saying that our country’s control should be given to law-abiding citizens, and voters should not allow any socialist agenda to be the decision of the country.     

Attack on Joe Bidden

As we discussed, trump repeatedly attacked Joe Biden, saying that he is a weak candidate for American presidentship. He also said that his rival had been a champion in outsourcing the jobs to other countries and raising taxes and duties. He said that Joe Biden would just worsen the situation of America, whether socially or economically.      

Hurricane in the USA

President also talked about the hurricane Laura around Louisiana and ensured that he would compensate everyone and help Louisiana be great once again.

Unrest in Kenosha

Trump also talked about the situation of Kenosha. If you do not know what is happening in Kenosha, an African-American (Jacob Blake) was murdered brutally by police in front of his family. After that incident, there is complete unrest in the city. Many people came on the street to demonstrate and to demand justice against the police brutality. Even NBA and MLS games were canceled to show support towards racial justice.

We have summarized the whole event and statements issued by president trump. President took some significant takes on rival Joe Biden and claimed certain things he would work if he again became the president.

The recent protest against white supremacy and police brutality peaked on June 6, as half a million people joined and protested in 550 places across the United States. On this single day, there were more than a month of protests. According to recent surveys, around 15 to 26 million people joined for demonstrations of anger towards the death of George Floyd and others in recent weeks. These figures tell us that this demonstration or protest is the biggest protest in the US’s history.

Most surveys conducted were online, and it is possible that some would be lying about participation. But even half of the number would have joined the protests; still, it takes around 7 million people. We cannot stress more that this protest is the biggest and most significant protest in the history of the US.

Why Protest is going on

This protest is essential as all we know the supremacy of white people over the Black people. Police are ruthless and unfair towards the Black community. These protests are chanting and demanding one thing, and that is BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Now, why is this movement different?

We cannot have a precise count, and it has risen some disputes as well; police and organizers of the protest have amalgamated so we can believe the number provided them. According to the United States, there have been more than 4700 protests in the country, on an average 140 per day the first protest was in Minneapolis on May 26. The geographical spread of demonstrations is significant as it will help to convey the message more deeply. These movements are different because they are backed by an organization around 2013 called Black Lives Matter.

This organization has been responsible for providing material, guidance, and a framework for activities. These protests are also different because they are being carried out since Trump took the administration due to the government’s decisions on guns, climate changes, immigration.

This protest is different as it has many purposes with one primary purpose and that white supremacy in the United States.

Who is protesting? 

More than 40 percent of the country has participated in the protest once. Unlike other Black Lives Matter protest this time, 95 percent of whites participated in the demonstrations. This means that now participants are diversified due to the enormous number; the message goes deep and wide for the administration.

Movements in the early 1960s and after that there were very few whites in the demonstrations, but now the case is opposite as 95 percent of whites are participating. Interviews and surveys tell us that half of the white protesting is the first time joined for any kind of demonstrations.

The movements have resulted great as the Minneapolis; the city council pledged to dismantle the police department.

This protest is vital and the biggest demonstration in the history of the United States of America. These protests have people from every race, as this protest is diversified, the message is sent deep and widely spread.

Hurricane Laura is a category four storm that can destroy a well-built house. A well-framed home can go through severe damage and can lose most of the roof structure. This storm is one of the strongest storms hit to Louisiana. At present state, this storm is weakening and diminishing; still, the storm is responsible for people’s lives and wreaking damage. Storm alone is responsible for killing at least six people.

Huge Damages because of Laura

First, the hurricane slammed coastal communities. In the early hours of Thursday, the storm arrived in the city of Lake Charlies, L.A. The hurricane destroyed buildings and houses and caused a fire in a chemical plant. The fire sent acrid smoke in the sky because of this people have to stay in the place with their windows shut. Laura maintained the hurricane-force in the full afternoon, which resulted in knocking out power 880,000 customers and cutting water for thousands of people. Four of the deaths were died because of trees falling on their homes.  

Falling Trees, A huge Danger for Homes

Powerful winds from Hurricane has ripped away roofs and windows, but trees have done the worst damage. In Lake Charles trees toppled on homes, they also shattered front of red-bricks. Every house has had minor or major damages. Most damages have been done in southwestern Louisiana. Trees mostly do these damages; even four people died because a tree has fallen on their house. People residing in old houses were rescued and evacuated as they were more prone to injuries and damages.   

Thick Smoke spread at a Chemical Plant           

Due to fierce winds Laura around in Westlake, there was wreckage in a chemical plant. Due to this wreckage, there was a fire in the plant. This fire was the main reason behind the thick smoke over a wide area due to this smoke, Westlake residents had to shelter-in their homes with windows shut. Immediately after the gas brokerage, the plant was shut down, and the employees were safely evacuated. The reason behind the fire was due to a chlorine leak, as chlorine leaked, the employees made many unsuccessful attempts to stop the fire. Now the situation is under control by authorities.

Environmental Hazards and Danger for Communities   

Hurricane Laura’s punishing wind force has destroyed some of the most industrialized parts of the southern United States. If these industries are damaged, they have the potential to release harmful and toxic chemicals in the air. If these industries are damaged, they can destroy hundreds of families because many families depend on them. If these plants are damaged, they can also ruin our environment.

Two weeks after a vote to keep a Confederate Movement, Hurricanes shuts it down 

Protest against police violence, and white supremacy is still going. To show the anger towards killing a black man George Floyd, a statue was placed outside the courthouse due to Laura; it was destroyed.  

Now the situation is under control everywhere. Still, you should be sure and not take any risk; you should stay at your home for this. If your home is getting damaged by the hurricane, you should go out in an open area immediately and call the authorities.