The latest NBA statement on Thursday has said that the playoff games scheduled on august 27 will likely be held in the upcoming time. The decision to delay is taken due to the corona pandemic. The NBA players are demanding more protection and changes in the social effects so that they can support the BLACK LIVES MATTER campaign. The officials are trying their best to secure the players’ health and safety on the basketball court.

To discuss the further strategy of the NBA league, a video conference between the vice president and a group of players representing the 13 teams has held in Orlando. The forum’s primary focus is to lead some social changes so that the NBA could also do something to minimize the racist difference between the back and whites. The decision of delay is not sudden several experts have predicted it before the delay has announced.

The news of delay can affect the league in terms of financial earning as various sponsors and advertisement companies seek a refund. However, it does not matter a lot as the NBA is one of the USA’s most-watched leagues. The league has introduced various news rules and regulations for the audience, such as thermal testing before entering the stadium, compulsory, mask, social distancing, etc. The steps are taken to protect people from the corona pandemic. In addition, if you keep yourself updated with sports, high is the chance that you are going to make a living off of sports betting on

News of scheduled games after the announcement of the delay

After taking the decision of delay of playoffs, on Wednesday afternoon, the league officials have announced the schedule of three games that are played between Rockets versus Thunder, Bucks versus magic, and Los Angeles Laker’s verses Portland Trail Blazers. 

Due to the incident of shooting of black man “Jacob” several teams have demanded to end the league without continuing it further. The players and coaches met for several hours but resulted in no conclusion to discuss the topic. Most of the team members are against the continuing of the league as BLACK LIVES MATTER’s protest is now at its top.

Why are NBA players tending to boycott the league?

After the brutal incident of George Floyd and Jacob’s death, the players have announced the strike till justice is served. The US’s boycott movement is further joined by several national leagues such as the National hockey league, Major soccer league, National baseball league, etc.

According to several reports, the Florid bubble has first started the rest of the league’s boycott movement. However, the team got success in getting the sentiments of people and other NBA teams. Moving further, the restarting of the league is not likely to happen in upcoming days.

To support the movement, the NBA players are trying their best, and they also have introduced several slogans and quotes on the dress that they wear while playing in the stadium. Let’s see what happens next in the league after the delay of playoffs. Most of the survey has predicted that it is hard to restart the league as scheduled earlier.

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