On 3 November 2020, the elections of US presidential are to be held. There are two choices to the US citizens in this, they can elect the incumbent president Donald Trump, or they can elect the former Vice president Joe Biden. 

It is evident when the elections are happening, but the question arises of how the election process is going to be conducted? Because if they are asked to go for the regular polling process for elections, polling should be free, fair, and accessible for all the citizens for a fair poll. While being accessible, the safety of people is in the government’s hands. If the proper measures are not being taken, there can be a second wave of the coronavirus, specially if people don’t use their N95 masks.

Can you vote by mail?

A few states have moved the voting by mail, this is a decision that sounds really easy, but it is not that easy to be applicable.

The applicability is not possible because it is time-consuming, expensive and people also find it complicated and get lethargic while sending in the mails. The process is costly because the ballot prints need to be printed in priority and the return mails are also pre-paid. The return mails are pre-paid because the poor people can’t afford the daily food, how would they afford the return mails. Also, some of them are not also aware of how you can send the mail back. These reasons can make them miss out on their right to vote.

In many states, they have made the registration or updating of the addresses or other personal information online. However, still, a lot of people with the resources don’t get timely registered because they are not interested in voting. However, if someone is not voting, they should not let their say go into waste and let the unworthy party win because of that.

There can be an increase in the in-person voting options.

Due to coronavirus, there is an important need for social distancing among people; if the proper distance is not maintained, the cases can be seen rising immediately. So in order to prevent people from overcrowding at the places where the polling is taking place, the polling stations can be expanded, and it can be done with the help of proper security.

A lot of people will also stand up for volunteering in this task if they are aware of the importance of giving votes to people who are worthy of it and who can make a difference by winning the elections. This can also get costly, but it will be way better than the normal number of polling stations. The timings can be increased, and the voting can start early in the morning so that everyone can get a chance to vote and at a safe level. 

Proper sanitization and distancing measures can lead to refraining of the new and second wave of coronavirus, and people can do their job of voting without getting infected with the virus.