Hurricane Laura hits the small town of Louisiana, Cameron, and Texas at midnight on Thursday. According to some reports, the storm comes with high wind speed, shearing off roofs, and kills at least ten people. The hurricane comes under category four that is considered for most destructive natural disasters. After the storm now, weather experts are giving warning of the tornado. It would be worse for Louisiana people and offshore traders. 

The storm comes with 140-mph winds with heavy rain. A full assessment of damages reported that almost 800,000 homes and businesses had lost the electricity connection after the hurricane arrived and many people had to use their appliance insurance. A large number of buildings and trees were demolished in the minutes. The storm is like a curse for the US people as already, they are fighting from the coronavirus pandemic. The government of the country has released various relief packages for the victims of the hurricane.  

John Bel Edwards, the official of Louisiana government, has said that we will fight vigorously and will reestablish the affected people as soon as possible. He also said that we had sustained a tremendous amount of damage. Moving further, let’s discuss all details about the damages and strength of the hurricane in detail.  

Damages from widespread wind

The storm comes with a high wind speed that leads to a surge of nine feet on the coastal area in Louisiana. The speed of Laura hurricane reaches to 160mph, that comes under the category of 5 strength. Ultimately the speed of wind leads to the demolishing of buildings and tress a considerable amount.  

You can see the various images and videos of the damages that will help get an idea about the real loss and damages that the hurricane has done. Coastal areas of lake Charles have experienced the worse effect of the storm. Surrounding communities of Louisiana is seeking for help from various disaster control agencies.  

Damages in Chemical-plant near lake Charles 

After the hurricane on Thursday morning, a fire broke into the chlorine production factory in Louisiana. The fire results in vast plumes of toxic smoke into the surroundings of Westlake. To tackle the problem, the local and state authorities immediately took action and issued shelter for the people to protect from toxic chlorine-containing smoke. 

The state police of Louisiana also arrived with a local hazardous control team to tackle the situation. The isotopes of iodine are shut down with the help of several troopers. It will help in nullifying the toxic effect of chlorine. 

The step was taken by a government official to tackle with Laura. 

The governor of Texas and Louisiana have called emergency in the states and requested the upper authorities for relief packages and grant federal emergency approval. Weather experts have also issued a warning for San Luis pass to be prepared for a worse situation. 

Now, the situation is quite good in Louisiana and Texas, and people struggle hard to come back into regular life. The Trump government is also helping the people in reestablishment.

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