The Corona Virus has become a fearful factor in our life for the past two years. It originated in November 2019 in Wuhan, China. Since then, it has become widespread and has caused many deaths. At first, it was a mere epidemic. But with time, it strengthened its core and became a pandemic. The pandemic is none like another; it affected a major proportion of the world’s population in no time. Most months of the year we spent in 2020 were in a worldwide lockdown, which contributed to unemployment, more poverty, etc. The medical facilities were less compared to the number of patients in the last year. Everyone had hope and vision that things would be better in 2021. However, the situation has taken a turn for the worse.

The second wave – 2021

At the beginning of the year, there was a downfall in the cases of the covid-19 virus. But it remained grim for merely three months. Things took a wild turn from March. The cases started suddenly increasing, leaving people perplexed. The only reason that could be a possibility in the sudden increase of cases was ignorance. The increase in Covid cases is equivalent to the increase in the ignorance of people. People are not taking necessary precautions. They are not following the protocols even after being told to follow. Because of these reasons, the second wave of corona is highly dangerous.

The recent situation of elections

Everyone is already aware of the situation of the pandemic. The elections are taking place amid this situation without following any protocols. People are demanding to stop the elections for a while and postpone them, but the officials are not paying attention to the demands. The elections are taking place regardless of the high cases increasing each day. Now it is up to the individuals to care for their safety. One must avoid attending such events at all costs.

New symptoms = new worries?

New symptoms are reportedly being found every third day. But, this should not be a cause of worry. One should take good care of themselves. Worry is the biggest pandemic of all. It can cause much more damage than any other disease. One should be free of negativity in these tough times. The only way to attain victory over the situation is through a positive mindset. Be positive and test negative!

What things can one do to think positively in these trying times?

    • New hobbies

With access to technology, you can search for things that you always wanted to do but you couldn’t, and you can try learning those skills.

    • Guided meditation

Meditation is the biggest shield against negativity. It brings peace and harmony to one’s life. You can search for guided meditation audios and meditate each morning.

    • Talk to someone

Talk to the people who are close to you or the people who got distant. You can always try mending your relationship with them and simply reminiscing memories.

    • Journaling

Keeping a journal helps keep you organized. You can write your thoughts and musings or even give insights about the current situation so that when you read your journal a few years from now, you’ll remember your strength in these times.

Apart from all the things you could do, the most vital thing that you should be doing has hope. Remember, panic is not the answer. Stay happy, healthy, and safe!