Hurricane Laura is a category four storm that can destroy a well-built house. A well-framed home can go through severe damage and can lose most of the roof structure. This storm is one of the strongest storms hit to Louisiana. At present state, this storm is weakening and diminishing; still, the storm is responsible for people’s lives and wreaking damage. Storm alone is responsible for killing at least six people.

Huge Damages because of Laura

First, the hurricane slammed coastal communities. In the early hours of Thursday, the storm arrived in the city of Lake Charlies, L.A. The hurricane destroyed buildings and houses and caused a fire in a chemical plant. The fire sent acrid smoke in the sky because of this people have to stay in the place with their windows shut. Laura maintained the hurricane-force in the full afternoon, which resulted in knocking out power 880,000 customers and cutting water for thousands of people. Four of the deaths were died because of trees falling on their homes.  

Falling Trees, A huge Danger for Homes

Powerful winds from Hurricane has ripped away roofs and windows, but trees have done the worst damage. In Lake Charles trees toppled on homes, they also shattered front of red-bricks. Every house has had minor or major damages. Most damages have been done in southwestern Louisiana. Trees mostly do these damages; even four people died because a tree has fallen on their house. People residing in old houses were rescued and evacuated as they were more prone to injuries and damages.   

Thick Smoke spread at a Chemical Plant           

Due to fierce winds Laura around in Westlake, there was wreckage in a chemical plant. Due to this wreckage, there was a fire in the plant. This fire was the main reason behind the thick smoke over a wide area due to this smoke, Westlake residents had to shelter-in their homes with windows shut. Immediately after the gas brokerage, the plant was shut down, and the employees were safely evacuated. The reason behind the fire was due to a chlorine leak, as chlorine leaked, the employees made many unsuccessful attempts to stop the fire. Now the situation is under control by authorities.

Environmental Hazards and Danger for Communities   

Hurricane Laura’s punishing wind force has destroyed some of the most industrialized parts of the southern United States. If these industries are damaged, they have the potential to release harmful and toxic chemicals in the air. If these industries are damaged, they can destroy hundreds of families because many families depend on them. If these plants are damaged, they can also ruin our environment.

Two weeks after a vote to keep a Confederate Movement, Hurricanes shuts it down 

Protest against police violence, and white supremacy is still going. To show the anger towards killing a black man George Floyd, a statue was placed outside the courthouse due to Laura; it was destroyed.  

Now the situation is under control everywhere. Still, you should be sure and not take any risk; you should stay at your home for this. If your home is getting damaged by the hurricane, you should go out in an open area immediately and call the authorities.

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