The presidential election in the US is scheduled on 3rd November. The result of the election is likely to declare on 14TH December that the US will get its 59th president on this day. The republican party has announced Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the president’s candidate and vice-president post. In comparison, the Joe Biden and Indo-Jamaican Senator Kamala Harris are the democratic candidates that will compete in the election. The selection of Kamala Harris is questioned by the republicans as the step to seek the votes of American Indians. 

According to today’s scenario, various election polls are giving results in favor of Joe Biden. Still, in the last election, we have seen the wrong prediction of election polls as the winning of Hillary Clinton. So, we cannot do blind trust in the surveys. Several events of the US election have postponed due to COVID-19. For example, on the march, the primary election is canceled in six states. 

If we look at all incidents in 2020 in the US, the winning possibility of president Trump is relatively low as he fails to deal with the pandemic. Now, various racist protests are being carried out all over the country, and he again fails to deal with that. But multiple reports have shown that the final result can shock the people and all the pre-prediction made in favor of Joe Biden. 

Effect of foreign interference on US elections 

The US officials and investigating agencies often blamed Russia and Iran to influence the US election against President Trump. They are making the allegation that the BLACK LIVE MATTER movement is getting direct funding and support from foreign countries. In 2019 FBI has detected the group of Chinese hackers trying to hack the e-mail and other essential information of US government officials and US journalists. The main aim of hackers is to disturb the political stability and manipulate the security-related information. 

Effect of Racist incidents on US election 

Recently, just before the presidential election ion US various racist incidents took place one by one, including George Floyd and Jackob by the police officers. Several reports have predicted that the incidents will show a significant effect against Donald Trump, and somehow, the opposition candidate will lead the election. The incidents have blown up the racist remarks in the US faced by the people since the colonial era. 

Effect of the pandemic on US election 

Pandemic has affected various international and national relations in the US. Most of the people think that the Trump administration has failed to control the spread of coronavirus. This perception is going to hit hard in the presidential election. 

Lastly, in the market of predictions, we can only wait for the final result. Still, this election in the US will change everything in the country, including several Laws, Policies, Economic structure, Racist justice, etc. Let’s wait for the resulting day.

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