The defeat of Donald Trump has made headlines worldwide as the US presidential elections are always a piece of major news across the world ever since its start till now. Out of all the presidents of The United States of America so far, Donald Trump and his presidency was a much-circulated talk, not only with the Americans but also with people worldwide- irrespective of their nation, language, or culture. Like his presidential years, the defeat of Trump in his second term also became a round of talk. The controversies before and after the election results were of great interest among the millennials worldwide, and much more interest was on the shaken nature of Trump after the election results had been announced and surprisingly. Still, some people say he doesn’t go rogue as well, whatever it is. Double your money and dodge the effects of the economy by playing simple and interactive betting games at ยูฟ่าเบทเว็บตรง.

Donald Trump and his Failure of Second Term

The US President’s office is one of the celebrated places in the history of political locations. Established in 1789, it has witnessed the presence of the American presidents one by one over the years. When talking about the US presidency, the presidents who have failed to win the re-election have been topics that rages heat at every election time. Needless to say that, one of the most popular re-election failures is Donald Trump’s, and there is no doubt that no one could beat him in it. While Donald Trump remains at the top and the recent in the list, many other presidents had failed in their second-time presidential election.

The List of Failed Re-election Presidents of America

When it comes to the list of the presidents of America who had failed the US presidential elections on a second term, other than the recent Mr. Donald Trump, here is a list of the former presidents who are not destined to rule America again and they are as follows:

    • John. F. Kennedy, since he was assassinated even before he could run for his second term elections.
    • The re-election of George HW Bush was a failure, who lost to Bill Clinton in 1992.
    • Being the first President to fail in the re-election, John Adams lost to Thomas Jefferson.
    • The other popular names of re-election failed Presidents are Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, Martin van Buren, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, and the list goes on.

Interesting Facts about the US Presidential

Commonly, US presidents cannot sit in the presidential position for more than 2 four-year terms. Interstate, it is to be noted that America, being one of the topmost democratic nations globally, had never had any female President so far. However, there are no qualms for gender in the running for the presidential elections. Since every President of America has been a man, the arrival of a woman president in the future might take a historical turn. The introduction of Kamala Harris to the vice president position has itself took a good sign of hope among the citizens of America in terms of women empowerment and black people recognition.