The condition of the US is getting worse day by day in terms of the corona pandemic. Several states have seen record increment in the number of cases in recent days. The country contains 2.5 million coronavirus cases that are a quarter of all the cases around the world. The US has the highest number of patients with the lowest recovery rate, and the maximum number of testing compare to other countries. Is this somehow related to US Trade Data? You can answer that for yourself after a little bit of research.

The condition of pandemic got worse in the march as people of the US are not much aware of the virus’s infectious nature. Several reports have also blamed the government for not taking the appropriate steps on time to control the virus in the starting phase. In May, the new coronavirus cases have to decline, and now several states are removing the various restrictions and allowing the public t to do multiple public activities.  

The US healthcare experts have predicted that the worse condition is still to come in the upcoming days. Nowadays, regularly 20.000 new coronavirus cases are being reported in various states of the US. The only hope people have to discover a vaccine that can completely nullify the effect of the virus in the human body. Moving further in the article, let’s discuss some reasons behind the boost coronavirus cases in the country. 

Pay attention to several reasons that are responsible for increment in coronavirus cases in the US. 


Recently in the US, several racism incidents take place that comes with a massive gathering of people around the various cities of the country. Due to the mass people gathering, the risk of coronavirus spread has increased. The Trump government has taken multiple steps to avoid mass gathering, such as the deployment of security guards, implementation of curfews, tear gas use, strong action against protestors, etc. However, all the efforts are not sufficient for the protest as the US’s black people want final justice for George Floyd and Jacob. There is probably more breaking news about Covid-19 at this current CNN live stream.

More testing  

The main reason behind the increment of coronavirus cases in the US is increased testing. The president trump has also admired this fact in an interview where he answers the question that the journalist asked about the reason behind the sudden increase in coronavirus cases. Trump also said that if other countries start doing as much testing as the US is doing, the number of cases in other countries will also show a boost in new coronavirus cases. 

Age of population 

Generally, coronavirus is more prone to senior citizens and Children’s. The US has a high percentage of senior citizens as compared to other countries. This can be a reason behind the high number of infected cases.  

The strength of COVID-19 in the US is getting low, and the new number of cases is declining day by day. Several medical companies in the US have done successful trials of coronavirus vaccine, and it is likely to come in the market at the end of the year, let’s hope for best.

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