Ever felt that something was missing from an horoscope based on your Sun sign? Chiron scorpio may hold the answer.

Your Rising sign is the sign that was on your eastern horizon when you were born. It dictates your interactions with the world and how you present yourself to others. It also reveals your chart ruler, which shapes the narrative that defines your reality.


Aries rising people are energetic, bold and direct. They have youthful strength and energy, and their first instinct is to charge ahead with whatever they’re doing.

chiron scorpio

They’re also quick learners, and they often find their way into trades that match their autodidactic interests. They’ll read extensively on their chosen topic to ensure they are well-versed in it.

Aries risings will defend those they love in their personal life. They’re the type to step in if someone is being bullied or if they think their coworkers are biting off more than they can chew. Neptune says “in most cases they’re fair, patient, and kind.” However, Aries risings are impatient and can turn small talk into full-on conflict for their own amusement.


Known for their steadfast friendships, Taureans are loyal in their relationships and can often be counted on to serve as a calming presence in times of stress. They’re the kind of people who tend to have a “go with the flow” attitude when it comes to new acquaintances, but who may be more selective when it comes to their close friends and partners.

Taurus, which is ruled by Venus can be easily misunderstood. Taureans may appear lazy or aloof but their deliberate, fixed, and willful perspective could actually come across as obstinate, or closed-minded, if they have to defend their beliefs in the face of an argument. This tenacity is also a hindrance to change.


Gemini represents air’s mutable qualities, which is why this sign is so adaptable. These are the people who are equally comfortable in a bar as they are a library. They can easily change roles at work (and even from one place to another). Celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Priyanka Chopra and Drew Barrymore are all Gemini suns with Gemini rising.

Mercury is the messenger god who rules these chatty creatures. Their endless wit and intellectual curiosity allows them to connect with others. They are verbal processors and appreciate hearing your perspective.


Ruled by the moon, Cancer risings have a nurturing presence and prioritize security. They’re empathetic leaders who excel at building relationships and providing guidance in their professional life.

Cancer risings, as homebodies are naturally connected to emotions and their need for stability in relationships and their career. They are more likely to prefer a tight-knit group of friends over casual dating.

Their sensitivity and loyalty make them powerful mentors in the workplace, where they’re known for their steadfast support and encouragement of their colleagues. They also have a strong sense of compassion, which makes them great teachers and healthcare professionals. They are also devoted to taking care of their loved ones, as their innate desire to nurture extends to the personal life. They love spending time in their cozy, comfortable home filled with aesthetically appealing decor and sentimental items.


Leo-born people are driven by a strong desire to be in the limelight. They’re confident and bold, and inspire others with their inspiring words and big hearts.

Leos are naturals in showbiz. Their intuitive ability to please the crowd makes them excellent performers on stages and screens around the world. They can be a great mentor and coach for young artists, in particular.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo ascendants have boundless vitality and confidence in their abilities that makes them natural leaders. In love, Leos are loyal and generous cheerleaders that love to shower their loved one with luxurious gifts and emotional warmth. Leos are stubborn fixed signs, so it is important to find a partner with the same ambition and confidence.


They are natural-born helpers and love to do favours. But they can become irritated when others don’t reciprocate. This is because Virgos tend to be hyper-aware and critical of themselves, which can lead them to hypochondria.

Despite their tidy spaces, Virgos are surprisingly particular about their appearance. They are fascinated by fashion and feel compelled to match everything.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgos, and they are quick thinkers. As an Earth sign, however, they are also grounded and practical. This means that they prefer routines and precision over excitement. Virgos can be a bit snobby and critical, but they’re also reliable and humble. Virgo risers are related to the constellation Virgo which is associated with Dike the goddess of justice and balance. Find out more about the Virgo Constellation.


Ruling the skies from September 23-October 22, Libra is associated with equanimity and balance, as symbolized by scales and yin and yang. The sign is also related to unicycles, tree poses, tarot and the golden ratio.

As a cardinal air sign, Libra risings are natural team players and love to collaborate with others. They also enjoy the symphony of friendship and are the ultimate complimenters.

Their natural diplomatic skills make them excellent conversationalists. They can also navigate tricky workplace situations like a professional. It’s also hard to get them on your bad side. If you are lucky enough to be a part of their inner circle, then you will know all the juicy office gossip. They are also big lovers (of other people and themselves, of course). Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams are all Libra Rising. They’re also motivated by maintaining tranquility.


Scorpio rising is a fixed water sign co-ruled by driven Mars and transformative Pluto. This sensual sign is darkly captivating and magnetic in their social interactions. They can also be deeply intimate with a lover once they’ve built trust.

They’re highly intuitive and perceptive. They can detect people’s weaknesses and pains with startling precision. They can also read between the lines and be a formidable opponent (it’s no surprise Drake is one).

In love, Scorpios are deeply loyal to their friends and family and will protect them to the end. But they need a partner who’s confident and can stand their ground in the face of betrayal or doubt because this is a sign that will not forget a wrong. They’ll note the haters in their “Grudge Book” for later.


Sagittarius Risings, a mutable, fire sign ruled expansive, magnifying Jupiter are often insatiable travellers who seek out adventures around the world. They have an inner compass which guides them to stand for what they believe, and are not afraid to speak their mind (often without first running it through a diplomatic filter).

Sagittarius risings love to experiment in the bedroom and are always looking for new positions. They are also passionate lovers who like to push boundaries.


The Aquarius rising sign is associated with the 11th house, which rules over large groups, friendships, teams, ideals and humanity. This also reflects Aquarius’ unique ability to understand situations from multiple angles and to view them in a unbiased manner.

This ascendant is a breath of new air. They love friends who understand their need for independence and eccentricity. Their emotional detachment may come across as aloof, but it is usually the result of their global thinking and their preference for freedom.

In relationships they prefer partners that can handle their need to be mentally stimulated and appreciate their unconventional approach. They’ll also get along well with other signs ruled by the air element, like Gemini and Libra, which are the two signs closest to them in terms of zodiac compatibility.