The natural disasters are the ones that are catastrophic events that are the most unpredictable thing. On the other hand, it usually takes place without warning and disrupts the entire ecosystem, causing massive loss to humankind, property, transportation, and livelihood. It is impossible to prevent a natural disaster.

All we can do is to take every possible safety measure regarding prevention. Different types of natural disasters required different safety steps so that a person easily stays safe. They might be capable of saving several more precious lives as well. To serve the readers with sufficient information, we have elaborated several points below that can help you get familiar with several safety measures. Check them out:-

Safety measures and type of disasters:-

  • Earthquakes:-

If you have ever experienced the earthquakes, you must be familiar with its power; sometimes, the earthquake occurs with the least movements in the tectonic plates, but sometimes it’s massive. Hence, the person cannot measure the power of this disaster, and you never know that it can cause mass destruction or not. Take a look at the following tips regarding the safety measures:-


  • Take shelter under a firm and robust table or numerous other pieces of furniture to hold on until the shaking of the earth’s crust stops.
  • It will be beneficial for you to avoid using the elevators.
  • It would be best if you stayed away from glass, outside doors, windows, and walls.


  • As soon as you get to know that earthquake is going on, get out of the building.
  • Stay away from the streetlights, utility wires, and buildings. 
  • It will be helpful for you to stand in the open ground until the earthquake stops. 
  • It will be beneficial for you to notice the ground shakings and beware of it constantly. 


Most of us might have heard about the cyclones that are tropical storms caused by the atmospheric disturbances around the low-pressure area. The cyclones are the disastrous thing that can easily cause mass destruction within fewer seconds, and it is accompanied by strong winds and moving at the speed of 62kmph or more. If you see that the cyclone is moving forward and you can easily come in its contact, then take the following safety tips. Check them out:-

  • Take a look at the weather forecasts often
  • Check out the climatic conditions so that you can easily get to know about the activity of cyclones.
  • Check out the approaching storms.
  • If you notice that the storms are approaching or any sign of danger, you need to look for the firm shelter to help you stay safe.

The final verdict

We are here along with the closure that states that natural disasters are the most unpredictable ones that usually take place surprisingly. We all know that we cannot stop them, so it will be better for you to look for the safety measures that can enable you to stay safe, and you might be able to several more lives as well.

A short or long period of time destruction caused in a particular area is termed as a disaster. However, it is pretty much clear that 2020 was a year full of tragedies and every month of this year contributed to one or more disasters. Let us go through some of the disasters with there respective months:-

  • January and the Devasting floods in Indonesia

On January 1, 2020, the Indonesian capital Jakarta and some neighboring areas of the capital were hit by a devasting flood that forced over 4 lakh people to flee from their home. The floods were also accompanied by heavy rains, which made the river overflow and the roads of the city submerged the people into 5 feet down in the water. People were victims of drowning, electric shocks, and landslides.

  • February and the earthquakes

On February 13, 2020, NDRRMC and the philippine institute of volcanology reported more than 2484 volcano-tectonic earthquakes in the volcano areas. And a total of 176 earthquakes can be felt. Australia was also hit by heavy rainfall that created an almost flood-like situation in some parts of the country, causing approximately 100000 people homeless.

  • March and CORONA VIRUS

It was the month of March where the students were preparing for their exams, and the world was preparing their budget reports. On March 11, 2020, World Health Organisation declared Corona Virus as a global Penademic, which created many tensions over the countries and a wave of scare run across the people of different countries. Coronavirus has created many people jobless; many of the people have lost their lives and loved ones.

  • April and coronavirus spread

On April 2, coronavirus cases surface the number of one million infected people in the world. As a result, several countries went under lockdown, and people were getting much tenser. The poor people were largely affected as the lockdown created no job for them, and it was getting impossible for them to earn their bread.

  • May and the dam collapsed.

A dam was collapsed due to excessive rains in eastern Uzbekistan, which affected almost 70000 people, the water took away hundreds of houses with its flow. Heavy rains not only affected Uzbekistan but also made the people of different countries cry. 57000 people in Kenya were displaced; thousands of people got affected in Baghlan.

  • June and the cyclone

Cyclone Nisarga injured 16 people in Mumbai and also killed six people in the state. Around 13000 hectares of the field is damaged in the Northern parts of the region. Floods in central china also left about 200000 residents displaced, and approximately 12 people died.

  • July and the floods

Full power floods affected 1.4 million people in the northeastern parts of India in the state of Assam. Around 2300 homes were damaged and destroyed by flash floods in several parts of Mongolia.

  • August and the California fire

In California, Apple fire spread over 20000 acres in countries riverside and San Bernardino; the steep and rugged terrain made it difficult for firefighters to fight the fire. Monsoon rains triggered landslides in Kerala’s Indian state, which took away the lives of around 43 people, and rescuers fear that still some of the people are buried.

 Many more disasters were the part of this list, including plane crash, forest fires at different places, and terror attacks. Who knows what is coming around in the upcoming months. May God bless everyone.

If you’re in a real estate transaction and you need some legal advice or want to file a lawsuit, it’s probably a good idea to consult with a real estate pro attorney. An advocate is someone who is trained and experienced in all facets of real estate law, and knows all of the nitty gritty of real estate transactions and negotiations. An advocate can help you with any aspect of your real-estate transaction.

A real estate attorney who works for a contractor usually has pre-existing relationships with said contractor and they will focus on using their existing relationship with that contractor to fight for your cause. They want you have a great experience and will try to make it easier for you to help you achieve your goals. But even honest contractors can be intimidated when they are surrounded by strong-willed, determined lawyers who know everything about the real estate market. Before you hire any real estate attorney, make sure to get a written agreement detailing your goals. It is a good idea, in addition to finding out the attorney’s fees for their services, to ask about any additional charges. Before signing anything, make sure you are familiar with the fees.

A real estate attorney serves three main functions. The first is to be an attorney general. In this role the attorney general represents each state involved in the transaction. When the client engages the services of an attorney general, they are putting their legal rights and interests in the hands of a lawyer who is more likely to protect them.

The role of a real-estate broker is the second. Brokers are considered to be partners in the transaction even though they do not manage the property. They act as a broker on behalf of the seller and hire and supervise the general contractor. The sale is closed. The attorney acts as an intermediary in the transaction. If things go bad, brokers can be held responsible as an agent of the seller and the general contractor.

The final position is that of a real-estate advocate. This role involves representing clients to various sides. The advocate can still play a key role in the transaction. If a seller has applied to mortgage assistance but has not received final approval from the bank, the attorney general can argue their client’s case in front of the bank. They may win the case if they have strong evidence.

While it may seem like a thankless job, the position of real estate attorney is an honorable one. The attorney is required to demonstrate a high level of integrity, skill and knowledge of real estate laws. The attorney’s role is to provide sound legal advice for clients and to negotiate the best possible deal. In other hand, advocates like ensure that the client receives the best closing price. In many cases, he or she can prevent property foreclosure by working with reluctant lenders and banks. To learn more about the exciting field of real estate, contact a local attorney today.

US economy is going through the worse condition of the decade. The budget deficit climbed to 2.80 trillion in the last six months. This is the lowest foreign reserve in the history of the country. Treasury Department has predicted the deficit to be continued till September. The budget deficit is almost double as compared to last year’s trends. The economic department has reported the 65 billion deficits in July. However, the Trump administration is somehow managing all problems and predicting the bounce-back of the economy. 

The main reason behind the economic deficit is the effect of coronavirus pandemic on the various economic forums. In July, the deficit is lower as compared to June as the government has collected the maximum amount of tax to generate good revenue in the economy. According to some reports, the government has collected USD 565 billion in the last month. The Americans are trying their best to overcome from economic recession. 

Due to the pandemic, the US government has approved the various rescue packages worth approximately USD 3 trillion. But then also the opposition is demanding more relief packages. However, if you are still in need of a private money lender visit: Last month President Trump passed the relief packages for unemployed people worth USD 400 billion. Due to the vast expenditure on relief packages, the economy is now suffering from an economic recession. The value of Dollars in the international market is going down day by day. 

Comment of President Trump on the US economy 

Last Saturday, during the press conference, the president addressed that the US’s economy is “amazingly” well and setting records in generating new jobs. He also adds that the unemployment rate is at the lowest as compared to the previous government. However, the economy experts are making a joke of the statement and addressing the president as dumb and foolish. 

The senior economic advisor of president Trump Kevin Hassett has stated in an interview that the country’s economy is coming back way faster than it is expected. He also addresses that the economy would be hit back if the second wave of the pandemic has arrived in the country. 

Position of Dollar in the international market 

On Thursday, the dollar was in defensive mode against most of the currencies. The Chinese currency yuan jumps high against the dollar. Several experts have predicted that in the coming years yuan may overtake the dollar in the international market and establish itself as the central foreign currency exchange. If anything, diamond’s value appreciates over time. Hence why they are very good investments. Like this 3.5 carat princess cut diamond ring for example.

To tackle the problem, the government has approved the excessive flow of dollars in the international market to balance demand and supply. On the other side, the euro is also getting high growth as compared to USD. This is a real matter of concern. 

However, several economic experts have predicted that the US’s economy is evergreen and will contain its value back in the international market. To revive the economy, it is necessary to discover the vaccine of coronavirus in the upcoming months.

Hurricane Laura hits the small town of Louisiana, Cameron, and Texas at midnight on Thursday. According to some reports, the storm comes with high wind speed, shearing off roofs, and kills at least ten people. The hurricane comes under category four that is considered for most destructive natural disasters. After the storm now, weather experts are giving warning of the tornado. It would be worse for Louisiana people and offshore traders. 

The storm comes with 140-mph winds with heavy rain. A full assessment of damages reported that almost 800,000 homes and businesses had lost the electricity connection after the hurricane arrived and many people had to use their appliance insurance. A large number of buildings and trees were demolished in the minutes. The storm is like a curse for the US people as already, they are fighting from the coronavirus pandemic. The government of the country has released various relief packages for the victims of the hurricane.  

John Bel Edwards, the official of Louisiana government, has said that we will fight vigorously and will reestablish the affected people as soon as possible. He also said that we had sustained a tremendous amount of damage. Moving further, let’s discuss all details about the damages and strength of the hurricane in detail.  

Damages from widespread wind

The storm comes with a high wind speed that leads to a surge of nine feet on the coastal area in Louisiana. The speed of Laura hurricane reaches to 160mph, that comes under the category of 5 strength. Ultimately the speed of wind leads to the demolishing of buildings and tress a considerable amount.  

You can see the various images and videos of the damages that will help get an idea about the real loss and damages that the hurricane has done. Coastal areas of lake Charles have experienced the worse effect of the storm. Surrounding communities of Louisiana is seeking for help from various disaster control agencies.  

Damages in Chemical-plant near lake Charles 

After the hurricane on Thursday morning, a fire broke into the chlorine production factory in Louisiana. The fire results in vast plumes of toxic smoke into the surroundings of Westlake. To tackle the problem, the local and state authorities immediately took action and issued shelter for the people to protect from toxic chlorine-containing smoke. 

The state police of Louisiana also arrived with a local hazardous control team to tackle the situation. The isotopes of iodine are shut down with the help of several troopers. It will help in nullifying the toxic effect of chlorine. 

The step was taken by a government official to tackle with Laura. 

The governor of Texas and Louisiana have called emergency in the states and requested the upper authorities for relief packages and grant federal emergency approval. Weather experts have also issued a warning for San Luis pass to be prepared for a worse situation. 

Now, the situation is quite good in Louisiana and Texas, and people struggle hard to come back into regular life. The Trump government is also helping the people in reestablishment.

The Coronavirus is the family of numerous viruses that are typically caused in the respiratory system. In simple words, it affects the respiratory system at the initial stage as it signifies the symptoms like coughing and sore throat. To keep yourself safe from the virus, be sure to get essential vitamins and minerals at Canadian pharmacy.

This is the zoonotic virus that can be transferred from animals to humans easily, as several animals are affected by this hazardous health disorder. Amongst all, the cats are the ones who can get infected by the Coronavirus. But the good thing is this COVID-19 can be taken under control if people take proper preventive measures regarding it. Take a look at the following points to be familiar with those things:-

Preventive measures of COVID-19:-

  • Wear a mask:- it will be recommended for people to prefer wearing a mask whenever they are about to visit the public place like the grocery store, parks, etc. The chances of getting effect by these hazardous health disorders will be reduced up to some extent.
  • Wash hands:– you should prefer washing your hands with the liquid soap instead of using the soap bars. It will be recommended to wash your hands up to 20 seconds or more so that you can have clean hands.
  • Maintain social distancing:– we all should maintain the social distancing as we need to maintain the gap of at least 6 feet, especially when we are in public areas. We never know who is infected as the COVID-19 patient unknowingly drops the droplets from their mouth while coughing. Maintaining social distancing can help the person stay away from people to avoid coming in contact with such patients.
  • Use sanitizer often: You should often use the sanitizer, especially when you are outside at a public place. Before you touch your essentials, you need to sanitize your hands first and touch the things. Using the disinfectant spray will be beneficial for people to deduct the contact with the virus.

Symptoms of COVID-19:-

There is data that has recently unveiled that the symptoms of COVID-19 may vary from person to person. The shocking fact is it can range from no symptoms to milder forms and then the fatal forms. So it will be beneficial for people to be alert at the milder form. At the points mentioned below, we have mentioned some symptoms of it, have a look:-

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Cold/runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Problems while breathing

When the conditions get worsened and the infected enters in the fatal condition then they get:-

  • Pneumonia
  • Septic shock
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Wrapping up

Now we are here along with the closure that states the COVID-19 is the health disorder that is alarming us to take each possible preventive measure mentioned above. This is how people can be at the safer side. Children or older adults can get affected by COVID-19 easily. it will be recommended that people prefer using the sanitizer and take the preventive measures mentioned above. This is the only safer option available until its vaccine gets ready.

No doubt, there are certain types of outdoor and indoor sports that every age people can play without any restriction and make changes in their physical fitness. There are mainly two or three sports immensely popular worldwide such as cricket, football and basketball, that can be loved not only by teens but adults too that have a huge number of benefits. And if you are familiar with these sports, and you can predict the outcomes most of the time, you can be successful at แทงบอลออนไลน์.

However, sports are the only activity that improves the person’s physical fitness, mitigate stress and many more health benefits. It would be better for every individual to perform in any sports event and play with your loved ones that help to improve physical fitness.

Top 4 Health Benefits Of Sports!

There are certain numbers of health benefits of sports that every individual must know in order to make changes in physical fitness and stay fit too. Without any delay in time, let’s discuss the benefits of sports in the further points.

Reduce Stress!

As we all know that exercise is one of the best great mood boosters and has proven to be effective methods of reducing stress by playing any sport with beloved ones in an appropriate manner. Sports are the only leisure time activity that can change the person’s mood within fewer seconds and stress-free too.

Improved Joint Flexibility!

If you are playing any sports for a few months, then it can improve your joint flexibility and reduce the chances of any injury. The stronger your joint flexibility, the more easily perform in typical tournaments and deal with anyone from all over the world.

Improve Mental Health Disorders!

Without any shadow of a doubt, playing sports with your loved partners and teammates is the best way to improve mental health disorders such as increase physical fitness, stamina power and overcome depression. Meanwhile, if you are playing any sports like rolling on skates, in your leisure time, especially outdoor then you can improve your mentality and make changes in physical fitness.

Social Skills!

Sports can people bring together and get an opportunity to spend some time with their beloved partners that helps to improve social skills and smoothly talk to everyone. Also, sports students have so many friends because they meet with so many other sports-men during competing time and get great relations with them.

Increase Confidence!

By training and working frequently towards your respective goals, you can build your confidence and abilities too. As you win the achievements by beating multiple enemies from all over the world then you can increase the confidence and able to deal with any team mates across the globe.

Conclusive Details!

All the health benefits as mentioned-earlier are very beneficial for every age person because it helps to improve physical fitness and mental health disorders too. More importantly, people who are suffering from any mental health disorders then they must spend some time in sports activity and play with their kith and kins.

It is an axiomatic truth that today, more people are attracted to T-20 leagues like the IPL, BBL, and so on than test cricket. This popularity has been attained due to the significantly shorter period it takes for the completion of one game and the ample amount of fours and sixes that the audience gets to witness.

Test Cricket and T-20 Cricket

A test match is traditionally played over five days at the most but can sometimes be ended much earlier than if one team grossly outplays the other. In t20, however, the whole match barely lasts for longer than 4 hours. Each innings, consisting of 20 overs, is studded with huge fours and sixes and a glorious display of entertainment fused with cricket.

The Marketing of the IPL

Personalities ranging from fields as diverse as acting, politics, the music industry, etc., flock in to be a part of the audience during matches of the IPL – which is itself a testimony to the enormous popularity it has been able to attain over merely 12 years. The IPL is marketed primarily (but not limited) to the youth because a supply of adrenaline rushes and extravagant displays of batting, bowling, and fielding, keeps them captivated to the game.

Test Cricket – Death or Revival?

In the test series between India and Australia in December last year, Fox Cricket reported a massive television rating, with an average viewership of over 370,000 over 100 hours. This is now the most-watched test series ever, which dispels any notion of test cricket dying out to the craze of T-20. Justifiably so, because the whole series was replete with an extraordinary sense of competition, with both teams warring with one another for a memorable glory, on the other hand, it can be claimed that the glory of a T-20 match is significantly less short-lived.

The Oversaturation of T-20 Cricket

An average IPL season lasts for about a month and a half, with over 50 matches played daily. Somehow, this oversaturation of IPL cricket leads to a lessening of overall interest in the game, particularly from the older generation, who prefer a classically sound cover drive to the mammoth sixes that are characteristic of the shorter format of the game. A slice of the cricket watching population does not shy away from expressing their disdain at T-20 cricket, which they claim is full of pomp but lacks the air of a good old test match.

It must be remembered that liking one format of the game doesn’t necessarily amount to a complete opposition to another format. The global cricketing community needs to be based on a much more cohesive factor than the dichotomy of test cricket vs T-20 cricket. We all have our preferences, and notwithstanding the glitzy affairs as opposed to 5-day matches, we should embrace all of it under the blanket of cricket as a sport that unites, fulfils, and brings joy and enjoyment to all lovers of the game!

Looking for a job? How do you begin looking for a job? Here are some tips. Using Twitter to update your current job search is a great way to get started. You can create a Twitter profile specifically for your search to find a new job. You should keep your Twitter account relevant and only post about your job search. If you already have an existing business then consider connecting your Twitter account to your business website so people can keep track of your career news.

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It’s a great way to get started in your job search by mentioning your interest in new job offers to your friends and family. It’s important to make it as professional sounding as possible. Don’t mention your desire to interview for only one specific position.

Job alerts are another great way to find your dream job. Monster, HotJobs Careerbuilder, Smarterer and Careerbuilder provide detailed information about employers and their openings, with preparation material such as amazon interview questions. This information will assist you in creating a personalized resume and preparing a great interview. Include information that is relevant to the job for which you are applying. Keep in mind that recruiters receive hundreds of resumes per week, and you’ll need to stand out in order to increase your chances of being called for an interview.

A personal letter that explains why you want to work for the company is also an excellent way to get that interview. You never know until you try, so this is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. In your letter, you should mention that the company you are interested in has offered you all the jobs and that you are excited to become an employee. Recruiters love it if job seekers take the time and tell them what makes them unique from others.

Your resume, cover letter, interview questions and resume must be written to impress employers. This is how you can look great when searching for a job. Remember that it is better to follow-up than to hope for a interview. Never mention that you’re applying to several employers in your cover letter or that you’ve submitted your resume to several employers. While it is important to be polite and professional when answering questions from potential employers, don’t lie regarding your background. This could make the difference between landing that dream job or having to live with your parents for six more months.

On 23 August at 5:00 pm an African-American Jacob Blake is shot by the Wisconsin police. The whole incident is captured on video and got viral like a fire. After that, various viral states of the US are rocked with protesters, and at several places, they got violet and started to damage the public and private property. The Attorney-General of Wisconsin has identified the officer who shots multiple rounds at the back of Blake. 

In the media, the officer said that a woman calls the police officers on the address where her boyfriend is doing domestic violence on it. Firstly, the police officers try to arrest Jacob, but after he opens the car door, one officer fired several shots on Jacob Blake. In addition, he also told that no other officer has fired on the Jacob. 

The family of Blake has blamed that he is left paralyzed in the car. After leaking of all information, the presters have turned violent and started to burn the various vehicles and buildings. In addition, two people are also killed in the violence. Now the government of the US is giving assuring to the African-Americans that justice will be served. Moving further, let’s see all details about the incident in the article. 

How the family is responded to the incident?

An emotional statement from the family is given after two days after the incident. Blake’s father said the officer shot my son times like it does not matter that he is a human being. In addition, the lawyer of Jacob said that he needs immediate treatment after he was fired, but the officers have done nothing to it. The protesters are demanding the arrest of the shooter officer.  

Due to the incident, the movement BLACK LIFE MATTER has got more support and strength from the people of the US and all around the world. Blake’s sister said that the incident has happened not only to my brother but all of the black people in the US. She also said that I am not upset; instead, I am angry, and I don’t want any sympathy; instead of it, I want to change in the system and law. 

Action against protesters 

After the incident, thousands of people gather and rallied outside the police headquarters to demand justice and change in the system. Although after that, the protesters started to do violent activities such as the burning of cars, buildings, statues, robbery, the killing of white people, etc. 

To tackle this, Trump administration has imposed a curfew and gives the police power to use tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. On Tuesday night, a 17-year-old teenager got arrested by the police.  

According to the current situation, it seems that the protest will be worse in the upcoming days. We appeal to the protesters to do silent and peaceful protests as violence pays no solution to the problem.