As you all know, this year, the U.S. has general elections. The dates of elections are conducted on 3rd November and following the result on 14th December. Mainly two parties that are the Republican and the Democrats, are fighting the election. President Trump has accepted the nomination for the second time from the Republican party. However, his nomination is questioned by the opposition leader Joe Biden. He states that the President has failed to manage its issues and could not be promoted once again.

In the hot environment of the election, an incident happens in the U.S. that has revoked the protest of “Black Lives Matter.” The protest is mainly done by black people that are continuously facing discrimination in the country. The opposition party is taking benefit of protest and thus targeting president Trump. However, he has also assured the black people that justice will be served. But in media, he is represented as a Joker who knows nothing about politics.

President Trump has claimed that the U.S. will launch the coronavirus vaccine until the ending of the year. This is a big announcement from the president. Some political experts are denying the fact and consider the statement only for political purposes. However, all are hoping for the coronavirus vaccine; let’s hope for the best.

Trump attack on Joe Bidden

  • President Trump is continuously attacking opposition leaders by stating that he is a weak candidate for the president’s position. He also said that Joe Biden will outsource the jobs of people and will prefer foreign Nationals. However, all the allegations are denied by the Opposition leader.
  • Trump has stated that his champion is based on promoting foreign nationals into national jobs. Also, increase the taxes and duties on regular activities. Moreover, Trump said that he will make the worse situation of a country that had ever seen in the U.S.

Timing of election

  • U.S. elections are helding at the time of pandemic where no one is allowed to move outside from home. So, the question arises on how to conduct safe elections. Some people are suggesting to conduct the election in online mode. That is generating a unique email id on the name of every voter. But President Trump is against the online polls and wants to have an offline election.
  • U.S. media is continuously targeting the President’s performance on dealing with issues like the corona pandemic, Laura hurricane. Black people protest, and many more. Some surveys have declared confirm the winning of Joe Bidden. Let’s wait for real results and hope elections to be conducted on time.

Lastly, after summarizing while issues and events, we conclude that the elections will be problematic. President Trump took some significant moves to respond to his rival Joe Bidden. But on a Television conference, he is entirely defeated by opposition leader Joe Bidden. Moreover, the trends of people are also supporting Democrats’ leaders. But no one knows the result and could only wait for the result declaration date.