Black magic curses or hexes can be quite dangerous and need to be removed immediately. Otherwise they can grow stronger and cause more harm.

To get started with voodoo removal, begin by observing your surroundings. Look for strange items, powders, jars, or other things which could be connected to a curse. Open the windows and sweep or vacuum all areas of your home, removing any suspicious items. Then mop the floors with a special hex-breaking floor wash.


Smudging is a spiritual practice that involves burning medicinal herbs to purify a person or place of negative energy. It’s an ancient healing ritual used by many Indigenous communities in Canada, and although colonization has repressed the tradition, it’s still widely used by members of the community to purge themselves of bad spirits or energies. It can also be used to purge objects like jewelry bought from garage sales or pawnshops that may contain bad vibes.

voodoo removal

Smudging can be done by anyone with authority. For example, a spiritual guide or shaman. You can perform the cleansing ritual yourself if you understand the spiritual significance behind it and are willing to let your fears go.

First, it’s important to make sure that you have a clean space to work in. Open the windows and remove clutter to let fresh air flow in. This will replace any stagnant energies. Then, light up a sage or palo Santo stick and waft smoke around your body, from front to rear and head to foot, while reciting prayers or spells to cleanse yourself.

You should also smudge any furniture or decorative items you bring into your home. They may carry the energy of the person who previously owned them, as well as any curses or hexes. After the smudging has been completed, take the palo santo sticks or bundles outside and blow out any flames. Allow the smoke to fall to the ground. It’s a good idea also to wash your item after smudging to remove any herb or smoke residue.

Smudging to remove a curse is an effective way to cleanse yourself from negative energies. However, it should be performed with great consistency and intent. Remember that this is an ancient spiritual practice that has been influenced by colonization. Do not use it in a wrong context, and respect its roots.


In some folk magic, a purifying wash is used to wash curses away. You can use a combination of protective plants such as rue, hyssop, and salt to wash away curses. You can also recite the 37th Psalm or another curse-breaking prayer while bathing. Some people also believe that a four-leaf clover can break bad luck.

If you feel that someone is trying to curse you, step back and try to find another explanation. It is not always true that someone has it in for you – and even when they do, their motives might be quite different from your own.

Rather than waiting for a curse to be placed on you, try to prevent it from happening in the first place. Treat others with kindness and fairness. Regularly pray and read the Scriptures. This can help develop a strong spiritual foundation that may deter those who would curse you.

Candle Magic

Candles can be used in many rituals, from honoring ancestors who have died to reversing curses such as mal de ojo. Even those who don’t practice witchcraft may be familiar with the practice because of childhood memories such as making wishes over birthday candles. Candle magic is the easiest form of spellcasting, and it does not require any ritual tools. Anyone who wants to manifest a desire or goal can use candle magic.

Select a candle that matches your intention. For example, a white candle can be burned for healing and peace while a brown candle is good for financial stability and material wealth. Some practitioners prefer to amplify their intentions by placing crystals or herbs around the candle for additional strength. It is also suggested that you perform the candle spell at a specific time of day or of week that corresponds to your intention.

Next, light your candle and focus your intention on it while staring. Some practitioners recommend praying, chanting or simply speaking your intention aloud. Some practitioners recommend writing down your intention, burying it or burning it.

Some practitioners can divine messages from the dance of flames. A low flame may indicate that your spell has not worked, while a high flame indicates that your intention has been heard. If the candle flame flickers or wiggles this means that spirits are helping you to achieve your goal. Once the candle is completely burnt out, use a pinch or snuffer and bury it.

If you suspect that a curse has been cast upon you, it is wise to consult a spiritual healer who can use a series of rituals to reverse the curse and help you get your life back on track. A spiritual healer will also be able to teach you how to protect yourself from future curses by teaching you the necessary protective rituals. If you are feeling the burden of a curse on your shoulders, smudging or performing a witchcraft spell can help you to feel better.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors have been used throughout history as both simple and complicated tools of magic. Mirrors have been used to scry, find truth, and discover your personal unknown. They’ve also been used as protective magics to reflect evil energy. The most powerful mirrors spells are usually those that inspire self-love and affirmation.

A simple protection ritual involves placing mirrors around your house or apartment facing outward. This reflects any negative energy directed toward you and sends it right back to the person who cast the curse. Mirrors can also be charged by a positive intention or chant. Focus on your intention, visualize it and recite the mantra repeatedly. This will empower the mirror to fulfill its purpose by engulfing it in your intention.

It is important to remember when dealing with a cursed individual that they are victims of a power imbalance, and need your compassion as much as you. It is important to be kind, even if they seem to deserve it the least. You can also make them laugh to distract them from their curse. Spend time with positive people or focus on something funny.

Mirrors are often used to create poppets and can represent people that you want to heal or bless with good fortune. They can also help them find a job, protect them, or find a healing. You can create a “mirror box” by smashing shards from a mirror with a heavy hammer, while chanting a name of the person that you want to affect. This will break any connection between the target and the object you have bound them to, but not necessarily remove the curse.

If you are an empath you can also try to stop tapping in to the cursed person’s energies through meditation and focusing your attention on your own feelings. This is a very effective way of breaking the bond with a spirit, and can be combined with chanting and visualizing your intent to cleanse yourself.

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