A bachelor’s in kinesiology could lead to a variety of careers. A formation kinésiologie can help you to become a registered nursing. This career is a good fit for those who enjoy taking care of others.

Kinesiology can also be helpful for someone who wants a career in the fitness industry, or as an athletic coach. It can prepare someone for graduate school in allied medical fields.

Bachelor’s Degree

If you are interested in becoming a physical therapist (PT), occupational therapist (OT) or fitness trainer you will need a bachelor degree in kinesiology. Kinesiology is a broad field that covers human movement. It includes courses in human anatomy, exercise physiology and sports management. You can find kinesiology courses at all levels of higher education.

formation kinésiologie

Kinesiology schools require that students meet certain basic admission requirements, such as a high school diploma or GPA and SAT scores. They must have access both to equipment and laboratory space. It’s a great idea to tour the labs and facilities of a college when you’re considering it. These will help you see whether a school is the right fit for you.

Kinesiology programs also require you to apply what you have learned. This can be accomplished through an internship program or by enrolling into a practicum class during your third year of studies. Some colleges even offer guidance on finding and landing internships or help preparing graduate school applications.

A kinesiology diploma can lead to a variety of career paths. These include becoming a personal trainer, physical therapist or occupational therapist. You can also work in sports management, athletic training, or research. The career prospects for many of these occupations are excellent.

You can also pursue a graduate degree in kinesiology. This will prepare you for medical careers such as physician’s assistant or chiropractic. A graduate degree will also help you to be more competitive for other jobs, such as in nursing or athletic training.

A kinesiology qualification can be very useful for pursuing a career as a coach. Although a bachelor’s is not required to become a coach, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the sport, its players, and the ability to communicate with both coaches as well as players. You should also be physically active and have a passion to coach the sport. This is important for a job that involves lots of walking or standing up for extended periods of time.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in kinesiology is a great option for those interested in becoming physical trainers or fitness instructors. In addition to studying anatomy and physiology, students will also learn about how stress can affect the body. These graduate programs usually require a GPA minimum of 2.0 and are completed in less than two years.

A kinesiology degree program accredited by the Commission on accreditation of allied health education programs (CoAES) provides a solid background in the subject. It will also prepare you for the professional certifications that you will need to pursue a career in the field of kinesiology, such as an athletic trainer.

Students can earn an Associate of Arts (AA-T) in Kinesiology to obtain a more advanced degree. This program is for students who intend to continue their education at a four year college or university. This degree is only available to applicants who have completed 60 semester hours in undergraduate coursework. Admission is not possible without official transcripts of high school and colleges.

Most graduate programs in kinesiology offer both thesis-based and nonthesis options. The thesis option requires a research project, while the non-thesis option focuses on coursework. Some kinesiology degree programs include internships as part coursework.

A graduate in kinesiology has many career options, including being an athletic trainer or an occupational therapist. In this career, you will work with patients to help them perform the activities they need for everyday life. You may use diagnostic tests, imaging, or other methods to detect imbalances within the body’s energy system and muscles.


A bachelor’s in kinesiology will give you the skills needed to work with individuals who are interested in living active and healthy lifestyles. It can also prepare you for careers requiring professional certifications like becoming a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. Kinesiology programs exist across the country, so there’s a good chance one is close to you. You can choose the right college by touring its facilities. Look at classrooms and fitness labs. Ask if the college can help you find internships or prepare graduate school applications.

A kinesiology program typically includes coursework in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning and the psychological aspects of human movement. You’ll also learn about stressors that affect human performance as well as the effects of exercise on one’s health and wellbeing. You’ll learn how to use the principles of physics, chemistry and sports medicine in athletic training.

You’ll be required to complete a research or internship project during your undergraduate studies. These projects can help you develop your career in kinesiology and improve your chances of getting into medical school or landing a job once you graduate. Consider a minor or certificate to enhance your skills.

Kinesiology is a broad field, and you may choose to focus on specific areas. For example, you could specialize in sports medicine, which is in high demand and has a solid job outlook. You could also choose to specialize in exercise physiology. This is a popular area within the field.