President Trump accepted the Republican nomination for the second time. While acknowledging the nomination trump attacked the rival Joe Biden claiming many things, one of them is that the USA will crush the novel coronavirus by introducing vaccine this year. He claimed this gigantic statement in front of a vast crowd residing in the white house’s south lawn. 

Trump accepting the nomination

This is the second time President Donald Trump getting the second nomination from the Republic party. Trump received the nomination in the white house’s south lawn and stated that he is extremely honored and full of gratitude for their support. Trump discussed different topics; some of them are the importance of the election, vaccine, etc.    

President on Communal differences and South Lawn

Trump has been highly criticized for using the south lawn of White House as a political prop. President also claimed that the victory of Joe Biden would worsen the situation of the USA. Trump stated that this election would tell that if we are ready to demolish our country for socialist agendas. President also noted that this election, whether we protect our law-abiding Americans or give free passes to the violent residents.

Claiming Covid-19 Vaccine

Another claim made by Trump is that the USA will come up with vaccines this year and crush Covid-19. This is a big claim made by the president as coronavirus has been widespread all over the country. President also stated that they are offering life-save therapies for the patients.

Importance of this election

Trump deeply stressed on the point that this election is very important. He also claimed that if the presidency is given to rival Joe Biden, he will worsen. Many statements were issued by Donald trump saying that our country’s control should be given to law-abiding citizens, and voters should not allow any socialist agenda to be the decision of the country.     

Attack on Joe Bidden

As we discussed, trump repeatedly attacked Joe Biden, saying that he is a weak candidate for American presidentship. He also said that his rival had been a champion in outsourcing the jobs to other countries and raising taxes and duties. He said that Joe Biden would just worsen the situation of America, whether socially or economically.      

Hurricane in the USA

President also talked about the hurricane Laura around Louisiana and ensured that he would compensate everyone and help Louisiana be great once again.

Unrest in Kenosha

Trump also talked about the situation of Kenosha. If you do not know what is happening in Kenosha, an African-American (Jacob Blake) was murdered brutally by police in front of his family. After that incident, there is complete unrest in the city. Many people came on the street to demonstrate and to demand justice against the police brutality. Even NBA and MLS games were canceled to show support towards racial justice.

We have summarized the whole event and statements issued by president trump. President took some significant takes on rival Joe Biden and claimed certain things he would work if he again became the president.

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