The pandemic, Covid 19 has hit the world hard. Nowadays, masks and sanitizers are trying their best to fight the contagious nature of the coronavirus. It has affected people from all walks of life and sectors. The green economy and pink health are everything that one is wishing for. The citizens have to trap themselves in their houses to be free birds back again.

The 2020 year has become extremely challenging and hard. On the other hand, natural disasters have affected the country. The fire in hospitals, cut off of oxygens, inadequate medical services have hampered the development of the country. No man is now safe on planet earth. Public transportations are at a halt due to the outburst of the pandemic. Celebrations, festivals, anniversaries, etc are no longer joyous and marvelous.

The election process, political rallies, meetings, discussions, etc are facing tough times. The overall aspects of the political discussions are highlighted virtually. The conference calls and all types of meeting highlights are disseminated via the usage of social media handles and respective websites.

The Impact of Covid 19 on various sectors of society: –

The cricket tournaments and test matches were initially not taking place. But after the announcement of IPL matches little cupcakes of happiness busted inside the citizens. The joy of watching cricket matches is unmatched and everyone looks forwards to it every year. In 2021, the cricket players are trapped in a bio bubble to be safe. The directors and the management staffs take precautions and make sure there is the maintenance of covid 19 protocols.

The IPL matches are taking place in all cities but the cricket players are missing the stadium vibes filled with grins and frowns. No cricket fan in Mumbai misses watching the nail-biting matches. The matches have proven to be a great means of refreshment to help the people handle the tough times.

The economy is no greener. The current status of the economy is extremely disheartening. It has caused a great financial imbalance in the lives of the poor as well as the rich class. The migrants have lost their jobs and have no means to fulfill their basic needs of life. The Prime Minister of India has urged the citizens to lose hope. There will be a time when the country will bounce back and roar. Tough times bring the best out of us.

Israel has become the number one country to fight back against the contagious corona. They have been victorious in curing covid victims. The strict lockdown, appropriate vaccination facilities have been fruitful to gain immense success. US President is also trying their level best to overcome the loss and rise with flying colors. The US Economy is too crippled. The financial status of all countries has decreased drastically. Over 13.5 million citizens have been cured and 185K deaths have been taken place.

The pink health of people is definitely at risk. Therefore, it is advisable to stay beneath the roofs of homes and follows all protocols.