Jacob Blake’s shooting has promoted many athletes to boycott the matches to support the fight for justice. White supremacy and police brutality have been US problems for a long time, but the good news is in present demonstrations everyone is participating. Mostly white people did not participate in these protests, but now every person is stepping up and is showing their support towards justice.

Blake’s shooting incident made the protest or demonstration even bigger for taking racial justice places across America. This incident ignited tension throughout5 the country as there was a widespread demonstration going on for George Floyd and in-middle this incident, raising tension and anger towards white supremacy and police brutality towards black people. So, to show there support, nearly every player boycotted the game.

What teams have boycotted the games?

Several NBA teams had boycotted their fixtures; it started with Milwaukee Bucks calling off the Game 5 for their play-off against Orlando Magic. Bucks were meant to come out from their locker room and arrive at the court at 4 pm. Still, they do not come on the court and condemn police’s actions for Blake issued statement saying, “When we take the court and represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we are expected to play at a high level, give maximum effort and hold each other accountable.” They simply could not because of the painful death of Jacob Blake by police officers.

Following this, MLS also called off their games to fight for the support of racial justice. MLS has also issued a series of statements saying that African Americans should get justice, and the officer responsible for this should be punished.

Players used their social media accounts to unite and aware of everyone for justice. Only one game was held on Wednesday, and that was between Orlando city and Nashville SC. Player’s said that they were not aware that other teams had to cancel the matches, and they respect the decisions made by other countries.         

Will the NBA and MLS seasons would be called-off?

Many reports said that many teams are demanding to cancel the whole NBA season on Wednesday night, but some players agreed to play the play-offs, but we don’t know when these play-offs would be held. And with that, the play offs are still on, and you can support your favorite team and make money at the same time by betting on ogdenvalleysports.com.

There will be further meetings to discuss how the league can address the issues related to social injustice and racism.

MLS stated that the postponed games would be rescheduled, but there is no idea when these games would be started.

What is the reason behind the protest happening in the United States?

The United States has an ugly history of racism and police brutality toward African-Americans. These protests started when an African-American, George Floyd, was killed by a police officer.

Initially, that police officer was not arrested; after protests, he was charged with second-degree murder. After that many incidents of killing, black people came up, so it was essential to send a deep and widespread message of justice

We know that our entertainment has been stopped, but police brutality and racism are much more significant issues. We all should support our players and leagues for taking this step, which may improve the justice system of America. 

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