On 23 August at 5:00 pm an African-American Jacob Blake is shot by the Wisconsin police. The whole incident is captured on video and got viral like a fire. After that, various viral states of the US are rocked with protesters, and at several places, they got violet and started to damage the public and private property. The Attorney-General of Wisconsin has identified the officer who shots multiple rounds at the back of Blake. 

In the media, the officer said that a woman calls the police officers on the address where her boyfriend is doing domestic violence on it. Firstly, the police officers try to arrest Jacob, but after he opens the car door, one officer fired several shots on Jacob Blake. In addition, he also told that no other officer has fired on the Jacob. 

The family of Blake has blamed that he is left paralyzed in the car. After leaking of all information, the presters have turned violent and started to burn the various vehicles and buildings. In addition, two people are also killed in the violence. Now the government of the US is giving assuring to the African-Americans that justice will be served. Moving further, let’s see all details about the incident in the article. 

How the family is responded to the incident?

An emotional statement from the family is given after two days after the incident. Blake’s father said the officer shot my son times like it does not matter that he is a human being. In addition, the lawyer of Jacob said that he needs immediate treatment after he was fired, but the officers have done nothing to it. The protesters are demanding the arrest of the shooter officer.  

Due to the incident, the movement BLACK LIFE MATTER has got more support and strength from the people of the US and all around the world. Blake’s sister said that the incident has happened not only to my brother but all of the black people in the US. She also said that I am not upset; instead, I am angry, and I don’t want any sympathy; instead of it, I want to change in the system and law. 

Action against protesters 

After the incident, thousands of people gather and rallied outside the police headquarters to demand justice and change in the system. Although after that, the protesters started to do violent activities such as the burning of cars, buildings, statues, robbery, the killing of white people, etc. 

To tackle this, Trump administration has imposed a curfew and gives the police power to use tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. On Tuesday night, a 17-year-old teenager got arrested by the police.  

According to the current situation, it seems that the protest will be worse in the upcoming days. We appeal to the protesters to do silent and peaceful protests as violence pays no solution to the problem.

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