There are many tough times which one had to undergo in one life. In recent days we have seen many things like pandemic which has taken many lives worldwide. These tough times are very difficult as one has to maintain social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands etc. To keep ourselves self-clean, we have to do many things. To keep ourselves and our family safe, we should take all the necessary precautions and not come out of our house. We can keep our self safe if we stay home. This covid-19 has changed the scenarios in the whole world. There are many chances that we have to wear masks throughout our lifetime. This has shown many life lessons for people.

Pandemic: a break to a fast running human who didn’t care about nature

Nature is something that is beyond our imagination. This nature has given us everything, and we have given it only hurt. Drought, deforestation, using minerals, digging earth etc has made mother earth feel bad about human. Today human is facing many consequences because of this pandemic. It has given a break to a fast running human who had forgotten about mother earth. Pandemic has shown us a lesson that nothing is more than good health. It has shown us many things which we can take positively. Before the pandemic, people used to go out; they used to work day and night and get what they want. They had built many buildings by cutting trees. The situation had become worse, and nature had taken much hurt. So pandemic has stopped all these, and it has healed the mother earth. Nature has become pure, and it has become good.

Life lessons have been taught by pandemic

This pandemic has taught various life lessons. People have lost human relationships, and they had taught money is above everything. But now, the scenarios have been changed. Because of the lockdown, people started to speak with their family, and they understood family values. They understood their family is everything and it is irreplaceable. Money was everything to man, but now health has gained more importance than money. Money has become a part of life. Values and health have gained more importance than money. Human had a mind that they can buy anything with power and money. He was discriminating between rich and poor. But now, everyone is the same in the eyes of a pandemic; even though the person has money, he cannot buy good health.

So this pandemic has shown many good things with negative things. It has taken the life of many people, but it has even shown good lessons for people. It has shows the values that humans did not know for ages. They were running faster than time, but the pandemic gave a break to all those people. The whole world has been shut because of the pandemic, so covid-19 is good as well as bad. So stay home, stay safe, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing.